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Know Your Farmer - Know Your Food

Provenance Farm

Fresh Green Beans


We grow our produce organically - without any use of pesticides - and you can find just about every vegetable you would want. You might even discover a new favorite among our seasonal offerings that our soil, fresh air, well water, and varieties provide. While our specialty is greens - both salad and cooking - this year we’ve added artichokes to the mix.

We have also extended our growing season with 6,200 square feet of covered growing space. This will allow us to grow 10 to 11 months out of the year depending on the extremity of the winter.

Also, in early stages of production are pear, apple, peach, and apricot trees, strawberry, black raspberry, raspberry elderberry, and kiwi fruit.

Fresh Organic Vegetables


Taking care of the ecosystem we live in is one of our priorities. That is why all of our plates, cups, bowls, and to-go containers are fully compostable As you might guess, we compost them all on-site at our farm. In addition, food leftovers go into a Pig Bucket, that travels home to our pig Laure. She loves the treats.

Bee Farm
Cow and Piglet

           MEAT & DAIRY

All our livestock is raised humanely. We offer a selection of beef, pork, and poultry products, including hamburgers, hot dogs, bacon, and more. We sell our farm fresh eggs in an array of beautiful sizes and colors and our poultry comes from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, where families have been raising animals humanely for centuries. We also offer a selection of cheese and dairy.

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