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Why did I established the Provenance Farm Market? It’s a great way for people to sample the bounty of the farm, to discover an appreciation for eating food when it is in season and at its freshest (even if some of the favorites might not be available), to enjoy home-baked bread that makes up in taste and nutrients for its shorter shelf-life, and to not fear savoring a salad that might have an occasional critter along for the ride.


We specialize in Slow Fast Food. What is slow fast food? It is a balance of nutritious seasonal ingredients, classic comfort food recipes, and a creative array of alternatives to conventional soft drinks, chips, baked goods and candy.

As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York, and a professionally trained chef of over 25 years, I’ve come to know that the best tasting dishes come from seasonally crafted menus built around locally sourced ingredients. But, when I first moved to the Garden State, I was surprised by how few local resources were available to chefs and restaurants to buy fresh produce, dairy, and meats. Especially, as the food industry often continues to prioritize growth at the cost of flavor, nutritional value, and health benefits of food.


As a solution, in 2015, I began practicing organic and regenerative farming while serving as a specialty private chef for clients battling illness. Working closely with a nutritionist to craft healthful dishes, I noticed locally grown foods were not only higher in flavor and nutrition, but helped improve conditions like high blood pressure, allergies, migraines, and high cholesterol to name a few.


The good news is it does not mean giving up all the old-fashioned favorites. At the Provenance Farm Market, you can enjoy the delicious comfort food classics like hamburgers, hot dogs, and even crispy bacon. The key is the use of nutritious freshly-grown ingredients and healthier cooking approach.


FROM FARM TO MARKET Provenance Farm Market is an extension of Provenance Farm, a 160-acre Farm in Oldwick, NJ and, as much as possible, the produce and meat at the Market come directly from the farm. We grow our certified organic vegetables on five acres of land and do not use any harmful pesticides or chemicals. We also raise all our livestock in a humane and compassionate way. If the need arises, we only source from responsible growers that adhere to land and animal ethics and are located within a 150 mile radius.


That’s where the slow food comes in. It takes time and care to grow produce and livestock responsibly. But, we pride ourselves on that commitment, and invite you to visit the Provenance Farm Market and taste the difference for yourself in our food

The Cafe 



Provenance  Farm Market has interesting selection of gourmet foods, kitchen items and bee items.




Enjoy a special home made sweet or savory treat.




Sit at our coffee bar and enjoy an iced grass fed cows milk organic latte. or an organic espresso.


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